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Quality Oral Health Care Possible for All

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    To facilitate the delivery of charitable oral health care to the underserved

  • Vision

    Strive to create a network of concerned individuals and organizations that raise awareness and address the oral health needs of the underserved

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We Support Dental Mission of Mercy Clinics and More

The America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) is a national non-profit organization located in Wichita, Kansas, dedicated to delivering oral health care to the underserved. The ADCF supports dental Mission of Mercy (MOM) clinics and other dental clinics that provide free oral health care to any person who attends. We also support larger-scale holistic medical clinics or smaller-scale clinics for specific populations, such as our country’s veterans.

Since 2003, MOM events have helped more than 254,000 patients and provided $166 million in free oral health care. At a typical two-day MOM event, about 1,400 dental and lay volunteers come together to serve an average of 1,600 patients. The ADCF provides not only equipment and instruments, but also guidance and proven practices necessary to host successful events.

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