Summer 2020 Newsletter

“ADCF provides the tools. Dentists provide the care.”


To facilitate the delivery of charitable oral health care to the underserved.


To be America’s premier equipment and expertise resource for large- scale charitable dental clinics.

COVID-19…our world changed overnight!

Where we were. Where we are. Where we’re going.

Where we were:

As the equipment provider for charitable dental clinics throughout America, ADCF was excited to have a whole year of charitable clinics scheduled to kick off the new decade in 2020. We participated in our first four clinics before March, then COVID-19 disrupted all of our lives.
Those four successful clinics were:

  • Mid-South Mission of Mercy in Memphis, TN.
  • Kansas Mission of Mercy in Dodge City, KS.
  • Oklahoma Mission of Mercy in Stillwater, OK.
  • Seattle King County Clinic in Seattle, WA.

These four clinics collectively served nearly 6,000 patients with over $5,300,000 of free dental care.
What an impact!

Where we are:

In the midst of COVID-19 and this year’s canceled clinics, ADCF ccontinues to keep our eye on all developments and guidance related to the pandemic and its potential effects on the charitable dental clinic effort in America. Additionally, we are investigating various options to contribute to patient and volunteer safety in a post-COVID charitable clinic world. From aerosols to physical distancing to re-thinking patient triage/check-in…we’re committed to helping our nationwide charitable clinic family consider different clinic logistics and safety “from parking lot to patient exit.” We’ll get there…together.

Where we’re going:

ADCF is committed to forge ahead in 2021, and beyond, even better and stronger than ever in order to see our mission through to help those in need. We know that the plans we make now will pave the way for future success in the nationwide charitable clinic effort! Our chairs may be farther apart and the clinic floor may look a little different than before, but our resolve to achieve amazing impact in the lives of the underserved will be as unchanged and relentless as ever.

You Can Help!

If you’d like to support ADCF and our efforts to help the hurting among us, we are always appreciative of donations, especially now during this time of uncertainty.Your tax-deductible contribution will help us to continue to provide quality dental equipment, instruments, and expertise to organizations who use our services throughout America.
Every dollar counts, and we appreciate your consideration!

Please mail checks to:
America’s Dentists Care Foundation
9110 E. 35th St. N.
Wichita, KS 67226
You can also donate to us through our website via PayPal.

With Appreciation!

ADCF Banner

2020 Clinic Banner

This banner is what we usually put on every clinic floor to highlight and thank the previous year’s biggest contributors to ADCF and our mission.
Since we’re not participating in any clinics currently we wanted to post the banner, thank these valued partners, and spotlight them to our many newsletter subscribers.
Thank you all for your generosity to ADCF!!

ADCF’s Facilities…Ready for the Future

In late 2019, construction was completed to expand ADCF’s home base in Wichita, KS.
The construction included more warehouse square footage and three additional trailer docks instead of the just one dock that we had for years. The extra space and docks will allow for more efficient loading/unloading in preparation for clinics and getting ADCF back on the road.
In a post-COVID world, we anticipate the need for charitable oral health care to be even greater…and ADCF now has the facility to meet that growing need!

ADCF Before and After Building Image

On the Lighter Side…

ADCF Business on top, Beach on Bottom

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward

ADCF Executive Director, Bill Blasing, has mastered the art of summertime webinars! All business on the top, all beach on the bottom.
“It’s been a tough year for so many and our hearts are with them. We’re all tired of the pandemic, its effect on our lives, and on the lives of those around us. Lightening up a bit, having a little fun in the midst of it all…is great for mental, emotional, spiritual, even physical health. Smile at someone. Encourage someone. Love one another.”
-Bill Blasing