A warm Smile is the universal language of kindness.

William Arthur Ward

Because Every Smile is Important

The America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) is dedicated to making quality oral health care possible for all. We acquire, maintain and deliver top-of-the-line dental clinic equipment and associated expertise necessary to conduct dental clinics that benefit those in need.


Need Help Organizing a Clinic?

If you are interested in organizing an upcoming dental Mission of Mercy (MOM) clinic or other dental clinic in your area, we can help. The ADCF specializes in providing dental equipment for clinics like yours, and we have the expertise needed to make your event a success!

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Inciting Smiles Wherever We Go

Since 2003, dental MOM clinics have helped more than 260,000 patients and provided nearly $175 million in free oral health care. We began providing needed services to dental MOM clinics and other charitable dental clinics in 2008 and since then, our shared impact has been overwhelming.

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Their Support is Invaluable to Our Mission

The ADCF benefits from the support of companies who wish to further our mission. We greatly appreciate each of our sponsors and recognize that their support is invaluable to our mission.

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